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Teen job resume follow up Q

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10 days ago, Thursday, ds went in to inquire about a job he heard about. The were out of applications, but the owner talked to him for 10-15 minutes and then went to the trouble to mail him a blank application.


He received the application several days later, he attached a resume he made, 3 letters of reference (2 from current clients) and returned it on the next Thursday (7 days from the first visit). The business, a tutoring/learning company, is only open on Mondays and Thursdays. She took the application and invited him to stay for a session, but he had plans so he politely declined. The first day she met him, she told him that she needed people ASAP and would be hiring soon.


Since the business is only open two days a week, should he just show up and ask if it would be okay if he observed the next session on Monday, to show he is interested or do you think that stopping by the business 3 out of the 4 days they are open is too much (even though it is 2 weeks apart)? He has called and left a message in the past (he asked what would be a good day to bring the resume by-thinking she may have office hours outside of tutoring hours) but she didn't call him back. I don't know if the phone call was a turn off, or if she only comes into the office during the session hours. Instead he just waited until the business was open and returned the resume then.


What do you think would be appropriate at this time? It is hard to go by general rules when the business is only open 2 days a week.

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