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No electricity: refridgerated food?

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The electricity went out yesterday for about 12 hrs. Can you tell me what's ok to keep & what to toss?




a few eggs

fresh veggies


ricotta cheese


cake balls (already a week old)

ground beef, cooked

coconut milk creamer

almond milk

half & half




frozen veggies


frozen fruit



I think that's about it. I'd say it got up to 90ish in the house, but that's just a guess. We spent the night w/ ils, & everything was cold/frozen when we got home. If it thawed, I don't know to what degree, but I tried to just keep the freezer/fridge doors closed, to keep it cold. (The electricity was supposed to be back on much sooner than it was.)



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I just had a refrigerator go on me. I dump anything with eggs and mayo - cole slaw mix, sour cream - any lunch meats, bacon, etc. Also, I let go of my ricotta and shredded cheese. I kept the block cheese. I kept pickles, ketchup, mustard, dressings, etc. No refrigeration at all - I would ditch dressings too that are egg or mayo based like Ranch. I tossed any leftovers too. Better safe than sorry.

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I wouldn't chuck out anything. I would look at each thing and see if it has gone off. Cheese etc, can last a very long time without being refrigerated. In fact lots of cheese is kept at 15 oC to mature for up to a year. I doubt that your fridge heated up above 15oC.

As for the veggies, they don't have top be refrigerated anyway. they just keep longer if they are.


Eggs don't have to be refrigerated either. in fact the only thing I would chuck is ice cream if you had any in the freezer.

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:iagree: Do it on a case-by-case basis... If it smells off, dump it. I'd be most worried about the meat. The eggs and cheese and cream and rest of it can last longer than you might think. Could you buy a bag/block of ice to add to your fridge or transfer things out of/in to your freezer (since I assume that's still pretty cold.

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Thanks, ladies!


How do I tell about the meat in the freezer? I'm worried that it might have thawed & refrozen. If I just go ahead & cook it now, would it be ok? (I don't think there's much in there.)


I just finished the fridge, & really, it was probably a good thing. It helped w/ the iffy stuff to get it out sooner, & I needed to check dates & stuff anyway.


But, rats. I threw away a whole carton of yogurt before I checked back here, plus about a dozen eggs. :glare:

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But, rats. I threw away a whole carton of yogurt before I checked back here, plus about a dozen eggs. :glare:


Don't feel bad about the yogurt. Whenever I've thought "oh, it'll be ok," it wasn't. The eggs, you stick in water. If they float to the top, throw them. If they don't, eat 'em.



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Ok, the ice cream does not look melted-&-refrozen, so I'm going to assume everything else in there is fine. The meat was exactly in the middle, so I figure it would have stayed coldest longest, sort-of insulated by frozen fruits & veggies.


I'm cooking it for dinner, so somebody stop me now if you think I'm wrong...*please.* :bigear:

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