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Southerners and clothes lines. . . .

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Help me, folks!


Any of you live in the South and use clothes lines to air dry? How does it work with the (blinkety-blank) humidity? :glare:


When we lived in the north, I loved to hang my clothes out to dry. Never done it here (Central Alabama), but I'd like to for $$$ reasons.


Hints? Tips? Advice?



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I don't do it now, but growing up in south eastern VA we did. It might take all day to dry, but it did dry.


I think I don't do it now due to neighbor hood covenants - no clothes lines allowed. :glare: But then again, I'm doing laundry all day anyway, who has time to hang it and bring it in?

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I grew up in SC without a drier. My recollection is that even with the humidity, things dried quickly. I don't remember if our line was in direct sun or not. It probably just depended on the time of day. I don't remember clothes fading, but it has been a few decades :)

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Walk around your house and see if you have areas of good sunlight and/or catch a breeze. I live in coastal GA where the humidity is usually equal to the temp. I hang my clothes line between my house and our shed where we get a little breeze. It gets quite a bit of sunlight in the afternoons through the oak trees. Hang the wet stuff out as early as you can after the sun comes up and just leave it. Check on it a couple of hours later. Leaving it overnight will allow any dew or early morning fog get it wet again (voice of experience speaking). The only time I've never had laundry not dry was when a heavy storm was coming in and you could feel the rain before it fell. My line is retractable so when not in use, it can be wound back up so the boys don't attack it with sticks and baseball bats. I think where you are located, you could conceivably hang clothes out until it snows. Winter is great for clothes lines since the humidity is lower (at least around here, that's the only time we don't have humidity).

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