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What internet mail do you use? Do you like it?

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Right now we are with Comcast....so I have a @comcast.net email address. But we're going to be changing from Comcast to U-verse when it becomes available in our area. I don't want to constantly keep changing email addresses due to whatever service provider we are currently using. So what is a good internet mail? I have a Gmail account but it has a lot of junk mail.....but I guess I could clear it out and use that. But I was just wondering if there was anything better?

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Another gmail user here. We got it after constantly changing emails when moving around with the Navy for 10 years. Don't ask me what took us so long to get smart and realize that if we just got a gmail acct. we wouldn't have to keep sending out "We have a new email address" emails.


We've been really happy with gmail and I haven't had any issue with spam, so I think the spam filter is pretty decent.

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I have 4 (!!) email addresses that I check fairly regularly.


An AOL account from when I was a teen. The only reason I even still check this one is because my grandfather uses it to email me, and it's easier for me to check it than ask him to remember a new address.


I have a gmail address as my primary account. I use this for everything. I have folders set up so that my homeschooling lists, freecycle, postcard list, etc. all go to separate places and don't clog up my inbox.


I have a second gmail address that I use for things I don't want attached to me. I have some people that I met online use that, use it to sign up for things I expect to get junk mail from, various websites, etc.


I also have an email address through my school. I use that mostly for school stuff right now, although since they just switched providers and I'll have access to that account forever I'll probably start using it as my primary now.


I really like gmail. It's the easiest to use, I love being able to automatically archive my mailing lists so I can check them when I have time, it picks up quite a bit of spam, and there is lots of storage space. I also have my blogs through that email, use google documents to have a backup of my documents, and use google bookmarks. I love that I can access everything from different computers, since I regularly use computers at other places (school, library, friends houses..)

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Love gmail here. I have 2 accounts- one for family and friends, and one for signing up to things. I have the 2nd one sent to my main account.


My brother put me onto gmail- I wasnt even unhappy with my ISP mail but I decided to give gmail a go and I havent looked back. I get no spam and I have as many folders as I wish.

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