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Can you list your favorite math board/card games please?


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Tripple play is a card game that is AWESOME!!! You basically play matching games (go fish, memory, whatever....) the cards have muliplication and division problems on them. So you have a match if you have 72/2 and 3X12. THe kids have to figure out the answer to several cards each turn so lots of review occurs

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Board and card games our boys loved that involved math:


Money / Making Change

- Monopoly

- Go for Broke

- Careers

- Life



- Yahtzee

- Triple Yahtzee

- Shut the Box

- Muggins: Knockout

- Sequence Dice

- Fill or Bust

- Mille Bourne



- card game "99"


Place Value / Comparing Values

- Dino Tracks

- card game "War"

- Racko


Critical Thinking

- Amazing Labrynth

- The Secret Door

- Clue

- 221B Baker Street

- Mastermind

- Set

- Scan (old Parker Brothers game available on ebay)

- card game "Concentration"



They also really enjoyed some math computer games:

- Mathblasters series

- Mighty Math series

- Number Munchers

- Cluefinder series (has math and language arts skills)



Here's a past thread on math games that might help; it includes ideas for mult/div/fractions: Math Board Games...

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