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Housing and transfer students

Yolanda in Mass

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My son will be attending UMass Amherst this Fall and we just learned this week that transfer students have a less than 20% chance of getting on campus housing and we won't know for sure until Aug 6th. Most, if not all, of the parents were shocked to learn this on the day of orientation, however we had learned this earlier in the week when I called the housing office for information. One mom I met was devastated since her daughter had been accepted at another school where she could have gotten a dorm ass'gt.


All this to warn/alert you that you need to investigate thoroughly the housing situation for your transfer student before making any final decisions. I have learned that UMass Amherst is not alone in the lack of on campus housing for their transfer students. Some private institutions also do not have enough housing.




(1) If your student is interested in going to a school that does not guarantee on campus housing, then start looking early for off campus housing. Most off campus housing searches start in Feb for the following year. Pickings are slim in the summer.


(2) If off campus housing is not desirable for your student, then hold a spot at a school that does until you know for sure whether you will get a dorm assignment in your #1 choice.


Lastly, off campus is certainly not the end of the world. My son (will be 20 in a month) much prefers going off campus as he doesn't like dorm life. Can also be cheaper, depending on the situation.



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