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My dh is just such and innocent, nice guy. I had a bit o fun at his expense

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He came in from the garden with a perturbed look on his face and announced, "We need to get a brand new hoe."


Me: "Really? You think so? Because, honestly, if you get one, you had better be prepared for me to commit an extreme act of violence against your person!"


Dh: Totally confused and distraught expression on his face.


Me: I just let it sink in for a bit.


Dh: Finally, a big grin appeared on his face. "NOT THAT KIND OF HOE!"


Sometimes, I am just so bad.


Faith (oh good grief, I just noticed my spelling error in the subject line)

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LOL...love "word" humor in our house too.


Related: interning at a "major" telecommunications company 25 yrs ago in research lab, (all white shirts, ties, all older men, picture NASA control room in "Apollo 13," no women within a mile, and me @ 18 yrs old), boss wanted some large equipment moved around. Looking up at ceiling beams with other engineers, he keeps repeating, "and we need a wench in here to get this moved around...you know, a wench!" Other guys start smiling and laughing and heartily agreeing, "Yeah! let's get a wench in here! That would really improve this place a lot!"


Poor boss never got it!

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