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comic book ideas

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I hope someone has some ideas for me.


My son (9) loves to make his own comic books now, however, he uses 'Captain Underpants' as his example. Because of various behavioral issues I'd like to find some comic books that focus on positive traits. Any ideas?





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We love Owly by Andy Runton. There are four or five of them I think, but this one even has a couple of frames on how to draw Owly.




There is also:


Little Mouse:






Silly Lilly:



All of those will lead you to other options on Amazon too.


There are also how to draw books that focus on comic/cartoon styles. Like this one:



There are also the oldies like Peanuts, Garfield, and Calvin and Hobbs. ;)

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The previous poster mentioned some ones by TOON books. These are early readers and your son sounds like he's outgrown them, though they do have an amazing website that includes a number of comics making resources. The TOON books is actually an imprint of a larger publisher who did the Little Lit compilations. Art Spiegalman, the author of Maus (an award winning adult graphic novel about his own family's history in the Holocaust), is one of the editors of this series and many well-known adult and kid's graphic novelists lent their own stories to these compilations. As opposed to the early readers, I would suggest that those compilations might be a good place to start because they would expose him to a wide variety of styles and approaches to comics. Here's a link to one of them:




The Stink books by Megan McDonald have a comics theme - the main character Stink draws one page comics that are featured after each chapter. Despite the name (which anyone shaking their head after too much Captain Underpants might want to shy away from!), these are cute books that portray a happy family and well-developed characters. They are pretty much on the same reading level as the Captain Underpants books.


Also, I would suggest the Tintin books. Great old fashioned graphic novels about adventures and cultures around the world. A few of them have some un-PC references and feel a little out of date, but they're really still excellent. Also, in the same vein, there's Astrix and Oblix comics. These are also older, translated from the French and are still (I understand) extremely popular in France to this day. They're silly and historical (Rome).


There's also the Lunch Lady comics. These are great and less fart-joke filled than Captain Underpants. They're a new series and are probably your most sure bet for any Captain Underpants fan. In fact, there are a lot of new things coming out in chapter book and middle grades level graphic novels and I've seen a few of them, but not enough to recommend a bunch. My kids aren't quite to this reading level yet.

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Magic Schoolbus books

CryptoKids -Greek and Latin roots

Diane Stanley’s Time-Traveling Twins series

Charlie Brown's Cyclopedia

Vocabulary Cartoons

The Picture Bible

The Roman News, The Viking News, The Aztec News, etc...

"You Wouldn't Want to..." series


Comic Book Shakespeare comic books ... Veritas Press sells these http://www.shakespearecomics.com/

Haffertee Series by Janet Perkins and John Perkins

The Adventures of Tintin

Clan Apis by Jay Hosler (Graphic novel about bees)

"Vote" by Eileen Christelow

George’s Secret Key to the Universe (evolutionary content) by Stephen Hawking and Lucy Hawking

Good Times Travel Agency books


ChesterComix series http://www.chesterc omix.com/



WOWIO offers free books for download in pdf format. You have to join, but it is free, and you can download 30 books per month. Some of their books are for kids, and they also have many comics. Now, many of those comics are not suitable for kids, but many are. You need to look for the following series, for example:



Pet Robots

Ed's Terrestrials

Amelia Rules

Dreamland Chronicles

Lions, Tigers and Bears


Star Trek

Star Quack

Pakkins Land

Oz the Manga

and a number of others


They also have graphic novels of biographies like Albert Einstein, Davy Crockett, Houdini, Jackie Robinson, and the Beatles. You might want to also check out the Saddleback books, written for older reluctant readers.


These books can be read on your computer or pocket PC, or printed out. Many are in full color.



Treasure Chest of Facts & Fun




Capstone Press


Graphic Library: Complete Set (76 books)


Reading Level: Grades 3-4 • Interest Level: Grades 3-9




Clan Apis (Paperback)

by Jay Hosler (Author)

Graphic novel about bees.




Sticky Burr by John Lechner

There are chases on dragonflies, wild dogs, maze trees, and pages from Stick Burr's journal interspersed throughout the comic that provide all the information you need to know about life in the forest.


You can go to http://www.libraryanded.com and type in the word "graphic" (without the quotes) to their search engine and it'll bring up all that stuff.



You might like to read these articles:





Miller Pads & Paper sells blank comic books.

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