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Looking for Shelving

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We are re-doing our girls room and I want some type of shelving in there...but I want something different than the standard, cheap bookshelves from walmart that we've had in there for years. :)


But, we are in a very small town and there aren't many options. We are close enough to Knoxville that we can get stuff there...


I want maybe some of those shelves that have squares, like for the baskets...I don't want it to take up the entire wall, but maybe one of those with 9 squares, or maybe one more row than that.


can anyone help me find any that might not have super high shipping charges?? I am kind of overwhelmed with allllll the choices of places to look and just need some help finding something...


I think we are going to go with a lighter colored wood, too...so it will match their beds.



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We just got an Expedit shelving thing from Ikea - don't know if there's one near you but it's got 16 squares and you can put baskets in all or some or none. We have books, toys, papers, junk - everything - in it and it works well. It's big, but doesn't take up the whole wall, just most of it. ;)


It was maybe $200?

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thanks for the suggestions thus far!!


We can't afford pb barn, though I LOVE their stuff!! I took a quick peek and the ones I want would be $600!!


I love Ikea's stuff too...and we don't have one near us, but someone told us their shipping is a flat $99. Would it be worth it?? I could plan to order a few things all at once...I'll have to think on that...


I looked at our target and didn't see any, but I will look online and see what I can find!!

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I'm assuming you mean Knoxville, TN...


Atlanta has an Ikea (I'm from Oak Ridge/Clinton originally!). The Target cubes don't hold large books upright, you have to put oversized books in sideways. I use them in my bedroom for my younger girls' schoolbooks so we can read them at night. Smaller or standard size children's books fit fine in them and they are fun to choose colors for. I have a few of them around the house. If you ever come towards Cleveland/Chattanooga we have outlet stores that have the fabric bins for half the price or less. You can pm me if you want more details about where they are.


If you are looking for plain sturdy and cheap, cinder blocks and boards from Home Depot work great! That is what is in my library (really a large closet).

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