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middle school math contest problems

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At the site of the Worcester County Mathematics League (for high school students) http://www.wocomal.org/index_studymaterials.html there are past contest problems for




Thanks to Belacqua for the Mathcounts link.

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AoPS forums for middle school math contests (Belaqua mentioned this, but it bears repeating!) Lots and lots of great problems; also For the Win for interactive MathCounts practice with other members and Alcumus for free online problem-solving practice in prealgebra, algebra, counting & probability, number theory, and geometry.


Past AMC-8 and AMC-10 exams. These can also be ordered inexpensively from the MAAwebsite.


Purple Comet Math online math meet- The middle school (MS) level has archived problems


Lexington High School Math Tournament -My dd used these problems with her MathCounts level kids last year.


Nick's Mathematical Puzzles assorted problems rated from 1 to 4 stars, so you could look at the lower-level problems for middle schoolers


Boston Math Circle - Just thought I'd throw this one out there for Bostonian -but you probably already know about it :). The Problems of the Week on the site might be of interest to everyone else.


Math Forums at Drexel Problems of the Week Not free ($15 per year for a student subscription), but there are some free Sample Problems (link in the sidebar).



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Stanford Math Tournament problems and solutions http://sumo.stanford.edu/smt/

"Can students who are not yet in the 9th grade compete?

Yes. Any student who feels ready to compete is welcome to participate."


Rice Math Tournament http://www.ruf.rice....eulers/RMT.html

Harvard MIT mathematics tournament http://web.mit.edu/h...files/problems/

"the event is intended for high school students, but any student not yet in high school who wishes to compete is welcome to come. A coach may bring teams that include students from multiple schools or homeschooled students."

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I don't know what level of difficulty your ds will face with the exam. We refer to this ranking of international competitions of the AoPS wiki http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/Wiki/index.php/AoPSWiki:Competition_ratings to get an idea of problem difficulty.


Have you looked at the USA(J)MO problems? http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/Wiki/index.php/USAJMO_Problems_and_Solutions


Dd's been working on USAMTS problems, though they're not time-limited. www.usamts.org

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Most of the team tournaments include a proof based round where the whole team cooperates jointly, typically for an hour. Those won't be exactly what you're lookling for, Ruth, but they might be appropriate for additional self-study.


They generally revolve about a single advanced topic in mathematics, such as abstract algebra, but each has several sub-problems since the whole team is working on them at once, & they divvy up the tasks.


SMT, Rice, PUMaC, ARML, Duke - look for the Power Round


I think that the Mandelbrot team tests are still more suited to what your son needs right now, or the older USAMTS exams.

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