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HELP with 10th grade courses?

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I need some help with figuring out what curriculum I should use for my tenth grade courses.


Here is what I have:


Lials introductory algebra/Holt geometry (Jann in TX)


Chemistry: No clue


Eniglish BJU


History SOS


Spanish1 and 2


Bible SOS


Health SOS


College Planner SOS






P.E. Training my dog to become certified therapy dog, and volleyball


What do you all use for math, science, english and spanish? I am stuck, I have the schedule, but what do you think is a good but not too expensive or tough curriculum that covers these subjects?:confused::001_huh:


All suggestions are appreciated!:001_smile:

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For my 10th grade DGDD, we will be doing Saxon Advanced Math with Art Lee DVD I bought from the For Sale on this forum. We have always done Saxon and we love it and it is available at several price points used.


We have also been following the Apologia Science series and we are doing Chemistry this year but I haven't purchased lab supplies yet.


We will have BJU World History and BJU World Literature and IEW Composition.


We will finish up our third year of Latin this year also.


I will be happy to answer any specific questions you might have if you PM me.

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