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Everything is freezing in my side by side fridge??

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Our spare fridge, which is in our temperature controlled basement, is suddenly freezing everything in the fridge side.


There usually isn't a ton in it. The freezer side is kept full, but the fridge side usually has extra produce, milk and juice in it.


Last Saturday I bought steaks to grill. They were fresh, not frozen. Sunday I took them out to grill, and they were frozen. Not completely, but they were getting there. That's when I realized all my berries and corn were frozen as well.


The temperature hadn't been touched. I tried turning the temp up some, but it didn't seem to help.


It's a ten year old fridge, and it was in storage for 2 years while we were overseas, but it's been working fine the last year we've been back till now.


Any clues what's wrong with it? Is it fixable, or do you just by a new one when it's ten years old?

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