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Help for 3rd grade please


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So I have been trying to use the search feature here and am not having a lot of success. I am going to my hs conference tomorrow and am looking for inspiration for my two kids in 3rd grade next year.


So what would you want to add to this list?


Math Singapore 2b and Saxon meeting [what can I say, I like the meeting]

Grammar R&S 3

History SOTW vol 3 [will be stressing a lot of american history here]

[looking for good readers to supplement here.]

Penmanship R&S

Spelling AAS level 3

Science [help should be chemistry but . . . ]

Geography to go with history


They are enrolled in Classical Conversations so they will get a lot of memory work and art/science/music etc


We are reading through Prudence and the Millers for health



So, what do I need to look for? I am feeling a bit like I am lacking something here, but nothing is coming to mind. I have probably forgotten something. Hmmm any suggestions?

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I think you have covered everything - which means that if something catches your eye, well, you have the meat and potatoes, definitly look for dessert, kwim?


Maybe have some read alouds in mind, or the Dover Publication Coloring Books that correspond to either your literature or science or history.


Or, games..........I think you can have fun, truthfully!:)

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