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I need to buy a gift for an 11yo boy who loves history

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My suggestion (lame though it is) is to go to Barnes and Noble and look around. The two B&Ns near us have totally re-done the kids sections of the stores and there are toys that go with books, and books that go with toys and all of it is divided into age groups.


My kids and I were there four times this week.


Have fun!:001_smile:

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My ds will be 11 in October and just pulled out his Klutz books with cards and all the boys built the castle and pirate ship this week. He spent almost an entire day working on it and then playing with them (using knights and pirates that we had).


Here is a link on Amazon and I am pretty sure that B&N and Borders carry them in stores.





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Magic Tree House books are for younger kids, but I bet DK Visual Dictionary books would be a hit.


I have an 11 year old history nut who loves to read. He loves those visual encyclopedia type books.


There are a bunch of historically-based fiction/fantasy series out there now (think Percy Jackson). Ds just started one called The Cronus Chronicles (http://www.cronuschronicles.com/).


He also likes documentary DVDs like what you might find on the History Channel and PBS. Here's one you might try: Bismarck (found by Robert Ballard, the founder of the Titanic and JFK's PT 109). We got it at the Discovery Store. There are TONS of fabulous gift ideas there for history lovers. http://store.discovery.com/


You might also consider a magazine subscription. There are history magazines that target 9-14 year olds: http://www.cobblestonepub.com/magazine/CAL/

Calliope is world history, Cobblestone is American history, and Dig is archaeology. My own 11 year old perfers National Geographic, but he's been known to crack the kids' mags if they're hanging around.

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