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Bev in B'ville: ? About your accreditation...

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Hey, I had saved several posts of yours about your process of getting your own homeschool accredited. We had a hard drive fail on our old computer, and I have lost all of them. Would you please link me to whatever document it was that explained this process, and maybe briefly outline how you went about it?


I got ds accredited at the 11th hour, and he is doing dual enrollment now. But I wanted to explore different options for dd -and not at the last minute! Thank you so much.


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Here's the link to Georgia Accrediting Commission.



The Forms tab will take you to the correct forms (for non-traditional schools). The GAC Standards tab will take you to the requirements, again, for non-traditional schools. There are 26 requirements (A-Y). What I did was prepare a notebook with a list of the 26 items in front with an item in bold beneath each item detailing how I met that standard. I also included supporting documentation, if needed, in the notebook.


Send in the application, find a local consultant from the consultant list and contact them. He/She will tell you how they want to proceed from there. My consultant came over and sort of performed a dry run-through, if you will. He gave me a punch-list of items that I needed to correct (like adding a monthly fire drill check list in the notebook). He came back two months later for the inspection and gave me provisional accreditation at that point. It became official last October at their biannual meeting and they mailed me a certificate. My transcripts and diplomas are now just as official as the high school's transcripts.


Feel free to pm me if you need any other information. I'm happy to answer questions.

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