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How does one get to 2 Years of TEA?

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Hey, hey the gang's all here. Oh my goodness, I had no idea we were having a reunion tonight. It is so good to see so many of the old timers especially the ones that haven't been around in awhile. I have missed you guys so much. I hope Doran pops in for a hello as well. :cheers2:

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Ohmygosh, it's Debra in TX!!! Wow, the next thing I know, Abbeyej will show up. Or Kelli in TN or Gardenschooler!


I keep hoping for Myrtle... :crying:


But it's nice to see so many of you *here* that I only ever see on FB anymore. :grouphug:

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WOW! I forgot to come back in and check this thread out! LOVE seeing everyone!


Anybody have some math they'd like me to figure out? I'm good at adding things you know! :tongue_smilie:


What a FUN anniversary that was! Thanks for starting this thread RM!

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Oh Doran, I am so glad to see you. Somehow, this thread wouldn't have seemed complete without your input. I hope life is treating you well.


Life is treating me well enough, thanks. Hope the same goes for you, Kids.. Hard to believe it's been 3 years since I could legitimately call myself a homeschooler! :001_huh: Glad to see the ol' gang is still going strong.

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