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Chalkdust PreAlbebra or BCM for 5th Grader - Also alot of Questions

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I had a question. My daughter, who is going into the 5th grade just finished Math U See Zeta in the Spring. I was looking at a couple of PreAlgebra courses for her for the Fall. She is very good at Math, she doesn't have any trouble picking up new Math concepts.


I was wondering which program would be better for a young PreAlgebra student. I showed her both Lial's BCM and Chalkdust PreAlgebra. She seems to like them both and they both seem to cover the same concepts but in a different order. I like her to stay in the same program for rest of her Math classes.


Also, does Lial's BCM and PreAlgebra cover the same topics but PreAlgebra book cover them at a faster pace or do they cover a little bit different topics? I wasn't sure if it would be best to do BCM and then PreAlgebra book and then go into Introductory Algebra or just skip PreAlgebra and go straight into the Algebra book.


Which book covers Math topics in the Algebra and beyond better, Chalkdust or Lial?


Any help would be appreciated.





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