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PA Homeschoolers Diploma Program

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Well, it looks like we're really going to hs my 11th grader next year. First time he's going to be homeschooled. Aaack.


Because he has high aspirations for certain colleges and because I have never hs a high schooler before, I'd like to take part in a diploma program.


Any experience with PA Homeschoolers diploma program? Susan Richman is speaking at a hs conference tomorrow. I can ask questions then, but I wouldn't know what questions to ask.


I really need a consultant. Does Susan do that? I need someone to look at ds's ps transcript, talk to him about his plans and help him design his year. Is that what a diploma program does? I'm so confused.


I'm getting excited for him, but I don't want to mess this up. Especially when my MIL just got wind of our plans...and she's not too happy! Dh is 100% on board, but his Mom will try to talk him out of it.

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