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Stanford EPGY LAW/RWL courses for little ones?


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My DS5-almost-6 loves creative writing and is extremely talented. (He is also PG and a Davidson Institute Young Scholar.) We are homeschooling through a fabulous charter, but it's hard to find really interesting substantive LA/creative writing materials for him.


I'm thinking about signing him up for Stanford's online EPGY 3-month "Language Arts and Writing" and "Reading/Writing about Literature" courses. Does anybody have any experience with this? I'm brand new to the world of EPGY/online education.


Thank you!


PS I talked with someone from the program, and there are no qualification issues.

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I probably should've updated my original post. Like Melissa mentioned, I've found lots of information by searching for EPGY and emailing with her and some other moms on the Davidson forum.


It doesn't sound like the creative writing is really addressed at this age, but we're going to be signing up for the math and LA programs through OE.


The only other question I have is how ALEKS is different than EPSY. ALEKS looks like it might be more kid-friendly?

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