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There are some sites that have free studies based on a variety of books. I printed some (don't remember the sites off-hand) & then...realized I'm not really a FIAR kinda gal.


The lady in the bookstore took advantage of the pg hormones when she described the couch-cuddling & reading. I don't know about y'all, but here, that means face-sitting & page-flipping. For...oh, I'm guessing 6hrs. Because so far, I haven't found their book-limit. I mean, if I'm holding it, letting them turn the pages, & sit on my face. By themselves, it's 5-10 min most days. :lol:

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As mentioned-Peak with Books is very much like FIAR but with more current books.


Story Stretchers is another one and there is an edition for toddler/preschool and one for elementary age. I have this and like it since it uses current books we already have.


Looks like there's a few new editions out now too.


Here's another one that I have but I'm afraid I haven't used it yet:



The Classics at Home by Ann Ward is also similar and uses the Beatrix Potter books:


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