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Singapore NEM all the way through Level 4

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Almost. My older one did CC pre-calc without problems (well, other than the problems with math that he always has) after 3A. He tested into it long before that. His assessment (he is taking calc now), is that he "rocks" at algebra compared to his fellow students. His brother is finishing up 3B now and narrowly missed testing into pre-calc2. Someone here, Blue Hen?, said that her son had finsihed 4A (4B is review for testing) and then had taken pre-calc and it was a waste of time; he should have taken calc. With that in mind, I am going to switch to teaching pre-calc next year with the book our CC uses (Blitzer) and then send my youngest to CC for calc. I expect some of pre-calc to be review, but I don't think the review will do any harm. My older son was taught to use a graphing calculator a little in CC pre-calc 1, but all his other prof's haven't thought highly of them. My oldest (ps) abandoned his when it was stolen, early on, and has received praise from several of his prof's for not using one, for using a cheap scientific calculator, instead. Because of this, I am less worried about the lack of them in NEM. If your child is headed for engineering, and you are planning on jumping right into calc after NEM4, you should do NAM concurrently with NEM4. NAM has some subjects (like logs) that are missing from NEM. In Singapore, students planning on continuing their math education do this. There are a few differences in terminology between Singapore and the US, but not many. Some of the biggest are that their word for sales tax is a set of intitials (G something), and they use c for the y-intercept, not b. We haven't found this to be a big deal.


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