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FLL - Is it possible to condense?

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My DS(9) is at the end of 3rd Grade. He is reading/spelling at a Grade 2-3 Level. My DS(7.5)Twins are at the end of 2nd Grade. They are reading/spelling at a Grade 1-2 Level. I have completed some copywork and dictation with them, as well as, some narration. I need to add grammar(which we have not done any of) and step everything up this summer/fall.


I have just purchased FLL1&2, and have looked through it. It looks awesome, and I will use it as written, for my DS(5), when he hits 1st Grade. I love the oral nature of the guide. I was thinking of using it for the other 3 boys, but it seems too slow, and I know they would get bored of the repetition. Could I use it as a guide and introduce the concepts more quickly? They would kill me if I made them spend a year on nouns. I was thinking of doing FLL1, 2 and 3 over the next year. I will also teach some basic sentence diagramming as we go. Is that too fast? If so, I would appreciate any other suggestions.

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:iagree: You should be just fine using FLL 3 for your 3rd and 4th grader. FLL3 introduces grammar basics in much the same way as FLL 2, but doesn't linger on the concepts for as long. FLL3 still explains all of the parts of speech and there is even built in review. Dictation is not introduced until FLL3, so you'll still be getting in on the ground level with that.

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Say "A noun is the name of a person, place, thing or idea" about 100 times over the Summer and the older ones will be ready for FLL 3 ;)


:lol: Thank you, Christina...I needed a good laugh today!


I think I will do FLL3, slowing down when I need to and taking up to a year and a half for the 9YO and maybe a little longer for the 7.5YOs if I have to.

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