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Dd's 10th grade plan

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Dd plans are same as Ds's for language arts and history. She will be doing:


English 11: Researching and Writing Across the Curriculum, MLA Handbook, Kaplan AP English Language and Composition as a guide book but not taking AP exam.


Themed Literature: 1st semester Science fiction, 2nd semester he still needs to decide on theme. He will read 5-7 books and write essay for each book.


Geometry: Larson's geometry.


US History: MIT Open Courseware two semesters, using "Inventing America" as text. Take AP exam.


Human Geography: DeBlij, Human Geography text and take AP exam.


Integrated Science: Teaching Company "Joy of Science"


Chinese: MIT open courseware


Music Theory: not sure what materials yet. She takes private music lessons for guitar, drums, and piano so I will check with her teacher to see what he recommends. Take AP exam.


Also second semester she may be doing U.S. Government and Consumer Education/Economics. But we will wait and see on these as we probably push these off to next summer.


That will be 8 subjects each semester. She is doing year round schooling so most of the non-AP subjects can go at a bit slower pace as needed.

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