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Oh, Wow! Sophie's World!

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This is a book someone here recommended and I bought it. It's been an amazing book so far, a marvelous introduction to philosophy! It's about 500 pages long and I'm just about 150 pages into it. In the fall, my dd will be in 8th adn we are starting a final history round with the ancients. I'm going to have her read this, at least as far as I've already gone, since that takes us up to the middle ages. I'm sure it wouldn't stand alone as a high school philosopy course, but it's a fun and very interesting read and I'm hoping it helps set the tone for a late logic/early rhetoric stage of history.


I've taken 16 pages of notes so far and now I'm trying to figure out how to use them! Anyone have ideas about taking information and turning it into a unit?



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We did Sophie's World last fall and enjoyed it. We did it as a read-aloud. Audible has a very nice recording of it and we started our day with Sophie's World.


I've been dying to get my hands on the game and movie but alas no luck. There is a board game and a pc game but I'm afraid the pc game is not compatible and it is questionable whether the movie would play on our systems in the US either. I thought a movie would be a nice finish but I guess we'll have to wait. It is a great read though!!

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