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Better Chinese :: A Product Review

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We've been happy with My First Chinese Reader, too. Dd will be going to Chinese school on Saturdays in the fall and they use MeiZhou Chinese. I don't love it, but we'll make it work. Her teacher saw what we were using and thought it looked great.

We use the online service. It seems to offer a bit more than the CD-ROM. Her teacher says that her tones and pronunciation are nearly perfect, so I guess we're doing something right. (that, and she apparently inherited her father's great ears):bigear:

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Guest anapurma

Chinese will soon become the obligatory language for business men. Learning Chinese is very practical these days...


One of best ways of learning the 2nd language is to find a person who is a native of this language and is interested in learning your native language. Then - just talk/mail/chat with her/him. You may use skype or any other communicator.


When you enter in google 'language exchange' you will find a lot of portals which make finding of those persons easily.


Good luck

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