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Alpha and Omega vs ACE

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My mom is currently homeschooling 7 adopted children. She has used all Abeka. She likes the structure of it, but 3 of the kids have some cognitive problems and she needs something slower paced for those 3. The 16 yr old is doing 3rd grade Abeka, the 14 yr old is doing 6th grade Abeka and the almost 9 yr old is doing 2nd grade Abeka. It really has been a struggle this year for those three and my mom feels it is interfering with their bonding. I live with them and have observed everything and I think she needs to switch as well. I suggested either ACE or Alpha and Omega. If you have other suggestions, I'd like to hear them. Can anyone recommend one over the other? I know ACE is supposed to be slower paced and I think that alpha and Omega may be a little slower as well. For this situation the slower the better. Thanks!

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