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Middle and High school math?


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What are decent choices here? My daughter will be in 7th next year and I feel it is time to switch from Abeka- they just have no strong finish in high school. She will finish Abeka 6 strongly, Math has always been easy for her.


I have looked at TT and actually she would test into Algebra 1, but it is expensive. She looked at it though and said it looked neat?


I also looked at Saxon 87. I have some reservations about Saxon. We tried it once in the early grades and just hated it. It seems fairly complete up through graduation, although I dislike the way their Geometry is included with the Algebras and Pre-Calc. Ugh.


Does anyone have any other suggestions knowing what we have come from? I appreciate the input on these and what you all have tried. I did some searches and reading, but it was getting monotonous, especially when I was stumbling onto the various TT debate threads.


I am really interested in what has worked for those in the upper grades and how that shaped up as far as what level she should enter next- pre-algebra? She definitely has the basics down and I see no need to go over them another year really. If I had stayed with Abeka we would have skipped 7th grade math completely. I was thinking of having her dso the Key to percents book over the summer as that is her one and only weakness and we slowed down and spent a lot of time there.


Thank you all for any help,


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hope you don't mind that I barge in with a question, but didn't you useR&S math?? I think I have the right Michelle: )

Does CLE have a website giving the approx. publishing dates for the revisions of their math. I am considering their newer Sunrise editions for upper maths.



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Hi Chris,


CLE math is excellent! CLE math 5 is going well for younger ds. It's much better than R&S math for us.


CLE math 1-7 are Sunrise but not 8 & up currently. CLE math 8 Sunrise will be available this summer '08 but Algebra Sunrise is a few years away (I'm hoping for my younger ds).


Join the CLE yahoo group to see samples of math and other subjects.



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I really like Jacobs and Kinetic Books for Algebra. They are both complete programs. My dd is using both of them because she likes switching back and forth between them.


Kinetic Books is a new program. They just finished their Algebra I program last year. They are working on getting Algebra II out for the fall.


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I can't give you the experience that you are looking for, just the path we plan to take. We will be finishing up A beka 5 this year and then we'll be moving into Lial's BCM. I plan to spread it out over two years, but if I were you, I would do it in a year. There is a test at the beginning of the book to place the student. That would allow you to skip some of that stuff that your daughter already has down pat. If Lial's works well, we may try Lial's Algebra, but I'm thinking Chalk Dust for Geometry. We'll see. Hopefully, someone can give you the BTDT advice you are seeking. :)

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Chiming in late here ...


My 11th grader used Lial's Beginning Algebra in 8th grade. She followed this with Jacobs' Geometry in 9th. In tenth grade for Algebra 2, she used Lial's Intermediate Algebra.


This year she placed into College Algebra at the local community college. She received As in both that and Trigonometry. She was well prepared.




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