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Violet Crown

Open University Science S103

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For anyone familiar with this course ... I found the books for Blocks 1-11 at a used bookstore in Texas years ago, and dd14, very mathy, began them last year. She loved them, and is finishing Block 11 now (we went more slowly than I assume most students do). Dh checked her work and discussed the topics with her.


It finally occurring to me to look for the OU website, I see that, besides the Study File and Study Guide (which we didn't miss at all), there is a DVD-ROM and rock specimens kit for the geology block.


For anyone who's used this, or a similar course: how helpful is the DVD-ROM? And how would one go about purchasing it? Is it worth the price? Dd14 said she would have liked to have had the rock kit for that block. What exactly is in it? We're awash with fossils and geological specimens in Central Texas, and I bet I could reconstruct it.


Anything else you think I ought to know, please tell me. We're vacationing in the UK for the next couple of months, and maybe this would be a good time to save on shipping.

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