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1st Grade Schedule

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Trying to get an idea of what a typical day for a 1st Grader looks like.


We will be "unschooling" Art this year-we have the AG for SOTW that we will use daily.


For Music, I plan to teach myself and J how to play the Piano. This should prove interesting :p


School days for us could be Saturday's and Sundays, as it will ALL depend on DH's schedule. Just one reason we chose to homeschool is because of DH's schedule, this way he can see MUCH more of J than he has ever in a "typical" school.


I know Math, Phonics, Handwritting and Spelling will be daily. I have RSO Earth and Space L1 for Science and SOTW Volume1 for History/Geography. I know Science will only be 2 days a week-unless J shows a GREAT intrest in it, and then we will do more. Should History also be daily :confused: Or should it be on the days that Science is not?


Thanks so much! :bigear:

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My youngest will be doing a K/1st year for 2010/2011. We started her K year after Christmas, so we're kind of doing a strange schedule. I'm planning on doing phonics, handwriting, and math every day. Just like you, I'm planning science for 2x week. I'm going to do SOTW on the other days - so, 2 or 3 days per week.


Dd has shown an interest in piano, but I'm not sure that we can afford lessons right now. I do know how to read music, but I played violin, not piano. I'm wondering if you're using something specific to teach yourself and your ds next year. It was an option I hadn't considered!

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I, like you, know how to read music, but have not picked up an instrument in many, many, years :blushing: I played the Flute from 4th grade to 10th grade, but we were given a piano and it just sits here with no love :( So the plan is to get some VERY basic introduction to Piano and go from there. If J shows a deep seated intrest in it, we will look into lessons then :)


I have a feeling that J will have a strange schedule as well. Since we are starting in July (if not mid-June) and planning a 356 day school year, we may be doing some 1st and some 2nd grade work by Spring.

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Here is my 1st grader's schedule:


Mon: Latin, math, spelling, copywork, grammar, reading/phonics (2x a day), history

Tue: Latin, math, spelling, narration, penmanship, grammar, reading/phonics (2x), geography

Wed: Latin, math, spelling, copywork, grammar, reading/phonics (2x), science

Thur: Latin, math, spelling, narration, penmanship, grammar, reading/phonics (2x), US history

Fri: Latin, logic, literature, Spanish, reading/phonics (1x)


Latin is done together as a family. "Grammar" is really going through the MCT Island materials with ds#1 and ds#2. Fridays are a bit different; some days we get only Latin (usually memory game with vocabulary) and logic; some days we can get more done. We alternate electives in the afternoon (we are more Latin-Centered Curriculum in that respect than WTM).


We school year round, usually taking the last week of every other month as a break, plus whatever one-day holidays dh gets from work (he teaches ps). Our curriculum choices are in my signature.

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4-day week



computer work 30m


grammar 20-30m

math speed drills 10m

breakfast 30m



PE/recess 30m


literature 30m

assigned reading 20m (has to do with sci. or his.)

fill in the time gaps with independent work on the computer (spelling, math, geography, practice) 30m if they haven't done it in the a.m.

bedtime is free reading for 20m.


science and history is comprised of read aloud, then narration/copywork/worksheet/notebooking of some sort

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I'd probably aim for a 4 day school week and alternate science and history days. In 1st grade there really is no reason to do a 5 day week, imo. And having one day off from school books leaves you a whole day to do field trips, doctor's appointments and other stuff.


For SOTW, here's someone's guide that already lays out a 2 day per week schedule.

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Oh and for teaching piano -- I don't play either (I took violin for years, but was a terrible student). Until we found a musician friend who comes to our house and teaches my oldest two for a very reasonable price, I was seriously considering either Pianimals or Piano Wizard for helping the kids learn the basics.

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Here is dd schedule (6 weeks to go!!!!:auto:):


Reading: at least 30 minutes per day of what ever she chooses(usually nonfiction animal books or Magic Tree House-type book)


Grammar: FLL 2 or BJU English 2 (5/wk)


Writing: WWE 2 on days BJU English 2 is done or dictation/copywork from FLL 2 (4 or 5/wk)


Handwriting: A Reason For Handwriting (4/wk)


Spelling: SWO C (5/wk)


History: SOTW 1 w/ AG (2 or 3/wk)


Science: Winter Promise Animals and Their Worlds (5/wk)


Math: Singapore (5/wk)


Arts/Crafts: mostly from history or science (a few times per week)


Read Alouds: from Sonlight 1 and Ambleside Online Yr. 1 (5 or 6/wk)


For us, it is a good balance.


Looking back, I would have slowed the math down and made sure her addition and subtraction facts were SOLID (more drill) before moving onto Singapore 1B.


In the end, it's what ever works for you and your family!

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My current first grader does his seatwork in the morning. His daily load for that looks like the following.


-FLL 3x/week, narration practice with Aesop fables on the other two days

-a day's worth of work in A Reason for Spelling


-reading to me

-a Song School Latin lesson daily (some of these include coloring, writing words on white board, playing go fish with his match cards)

-a math lesson


In the afternoon he does science or history, and during family wide quiet/nap time he'll curl up with a chapter book and read by himself for about twenty minutes.


At the beginning of first grade his copywork staggered with FLL lessons. As his skill grew the copywork slowly increased to daily, and FLL became a steady 3x/week book. I just recently added the narration practice on FLL's off days.

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4 days a week here, too -


Recitation, drill, devotions, daily

Math, daily

Spelling, twice a week

Grammar, twice a week (alternating with spelling)

Writing, daily

reading, daily

French, twice a week

History, three times a week

Science, one day a week

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