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Confused about Cindy Marsh's Writing Assessment....what did you use of hers?

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I am still in the decision making process for my 10th grader this fall. I am really wanting to utulize Cindy's service but my eyes are going cross trying to figure out her website.


What did you guys use? Did you just use the consultation or evaluation or the class?


Not sure about the Great Book class....


I use Tapestry of Grace but really have issues with their writing. My son needs a coach and I have looked at Write at Home and Cincy Marsh. My son really wants to follow SWB's writing plan for high school that he listened to on the CD. He loves the idea of writing for history, science and literature as she explained on the cD. He loves the idea for this because it cuts down on writing but it is a variety of things and not limited to writing about dogs or other stupid topics.


My issue is that I want my son to know how to write informative papers, expository papers, Persuasive (this is done on SWB's cd), and other type of papers. He can get this through Write at Home. He is not wanting to go that route though.


So I think I have to consider using Cindy's service but what though?? I really like to know what you used of hers that falls easily under SWB's CD. I am going to see if she will work with me on payments for her service as I can't pay it all upfront. I read that she does work with families on payments.




Holly (who is finally listening to her son on what he wants to do with writing:001_smile:)

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First of all, I wouldn't hesitate to e-mail Cindy Marsch with your questions. I've found that she's very good about answering her e-mail and might help you navigate your way through the website better so that you can determine which of her courses, if any, will meet your needs.


IIRC, the Great Books writing class coincides best with Gileskirk's curriculum, and I would ask her specifically about which books they cover. Gileskirk follows a classical model, but it is not exactly like TOG or Omnibus or WEM. I think they read and write about one book per month.


We did both the Beginning and Intermediate levels of her progymnasmata series. At the time, both of my girls were really too young to go into the Advanced level of the progym. She sends you an e-mail packet, and you follow along with that, one lesson at a time. Some of the lessons take a week to complete. Your child will do one of the assignments, e-mail it to her for corrections, and then do a re-write, based upon her corrections. It's very important that you, as the parent, read and follow along with the assignment as well. Also, if you do one of the writing tutorials (i.e., the progym.), be prepared to schedule in writing on a daily basis.


We also did some of her evaluations with specific books which we read, after we had finished the two progym. series. We were doing Omnibus II at the time, and I had her evaluate several of their writing exercises which I had assigned to them, based on different themes in the Omnibus book. I did not care for Omnibus's writing assignments myself. :) To me, they introduced the progym. out of order and not very methodically; many of their assignments assume a level of mastery with the progym. that many students simply do not have. So, I felt free to "tweak" them as I saw fit, and Cindy worked with that.


HTH! If you have any further questions, please ask, or e-mail Cindy. She's really very nice!

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I emailed her and got a wonderful response.


She said I could either go for Consultation (full one with her and I working together to pull assignements together) or Progym program with 2 levels worked this year.


How would you go about Consultation? Is this time consuming on my part?


Just need a bit more information.



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I've been on Cindy's website as well... and was confused also... so many options! I really think my 9th grader could use outside writing critique. She may do Omnibus III, so I'll see if Cindy offers assessement for that or any of the great books...

Thanks for posting this thread. I'll continue to check it and see what responses you get!




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