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Your thoughts on my SOTW1 plan/schedule?

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I think I have figured out how I want to execute this awesome curriculum. I was hoping some experienced SOTW users would weigh in with your thoughts.


There are 94 subsections in total. We try to keep our school year to 36 official weeks. I plan to do history M,W,F. That calculates out to 31 weeks and 1 day of reading/map work/coloring pages. That gives me 14 days of projects and catch up days sprinkled throughout the year.


Each day I would do 1 section of reading with the kids coloring while I read, comprehension questions, narration, and corresponding map work. Extra reading and literature would just be "naturally" tied into our normal school, free reading, etc. I don't want the kids to associate reading historical books to be just a "history thing".


Clearly if the kids get super excited about something, we'll take extra time on that subject and accomodate accordingly.


What do you guys think??

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It sounds good. And you will actually have some days go more quickly as there won't be a map for every section. There is only one per chapter, and some chapters have 2 or 3 sections.


That is good to know. I am actually relieved to realize there is only 1 map per chapter. Not every day has as many minutes as I need given the 1yo and life happens.




Now... to get through the move... where is it we are moving again? Hmmm... I guess He'll tell me in His time. :)


Thanks for your input! I feel better going into the fall semester now.

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