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Your daughter has a lovely soprano voice, Janice!


The only input I would add would be perhaps the beginning scene, where the camera is coming closer to your daughter and the boy who is wearing a hood, would be to "pan" in more smoothly, if possible.


I'm not familiar with the song, but I assume the hooded figure is supposed to be completely stoic and unmoving, and not seeing his face adds to the mystery and the sense of complete rejection--correct?


Anyway, overall I thought it was very nicely done! How long has your daughter been taking voice lessons?

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My sister helped with the camera work. She was walking with it so it was jouncy in the beginning. :001_smile:


Yes, the basic jist of the words are, "Love me or let me die." Not exactly cheerful for a light-hearted 15 year-old. But that's the canon I guess.


She began voice lessons in October of 2007 - so 2 1/2 years. She loves it!


Thanks for listening and THANKS for the kind words. :001_smile:



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Thanks Jane!


And congrats to both you and your son on his college decision. You must be so psyched! And Proud! What a wonderful outcome to a fabulous ride, eh? :001_smile:


I've been thinking about you (and the other senior-graduating gals on this board) A LOT lately!!!!!! We took our oldest to visit his first college last week; so we're on our way..... feels funny.... but good. :001_smile:


Thanks again for the kind words, Jane and (ds). They mean a lot.




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