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Need writing program for reluctant 6th grader.

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Help this old timer do it all over again. Due to unforseen circumstances, the 5th grader with be coming home for the 6th grade. I just don't think that she was ready yet. She doesn't seem to be terribly unpset about the idea so all is good. The problem is I have been working with the high schoolers for so long that I am somewhat out of proactice for dealing with the little one,


I intend to read TWTM again here soon and I am pretty set on reading, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, math, science, history and art. My realy concern is writing. I wasn't impressed with most of what was availble in the last few years so I am wondering if anything better has come along. Any recommendations. She is getting fairly good grades but in my opinion that is not her strong suit so I would reallt like to work on that. I intend to cross-post to the K-8 board but I am open to recommendations. What do your recommend? what are you finding that works for reluctant writers of this age.


Oh, and by the way, yes I am quite excited about the idea. :D

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How about IEW? Institute for Excellence in Writing. We have used an IEW-like class for older two dc, including one who is a reluctant writer, and it was great. There is an online option by an IEW-trained teacher called Writing Foundations and the website is www.writingfoundations.com .

It can be "mom intensive" the first year...you are the editor.

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I second the IEW suggestion. It is very easy to use! We've been using it with our 4th-9th graders and have been really happy with it.


I have just used the dvds and have the kids follow along with the extra lesson plans that are available.





It is a great program, everything is there for you, easy to teach, and it is worth every penny!!!

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