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Elemental Science v Christian Kids Explore Biology

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My kids are entering 1st and 3rd grades (if we must assign a grade). We will be starting SOTW this fall, starting with the Ancients. With a crazy year ahead of us (major move and 1yo underfoot), I was going to do BJU Online Science 3 to get us by (don't everyone gasp at once - lol). But I am exploring what TWTM suggests for science before making any final decisions. With that said, we are considering Elemental Science Biology and Christian Kids Explore Biology. And I am not opposed to BJU, which has been a hit with my kids for 2 years.


Does anyone wish to weigh in on this?



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I looked at Christian Kids Explore Biology today at our local homeschool store. We won’t be going with it. At this age, I believe we are suppose to get them to love and desire science. I really am not too concerned about them knowing the scientific process at this age and whether they can classify the animal kingdom. With that said, CKEB is black and white and written for “the teacherâ€, not the kids. I want a program or curriculum that has books for the kids to pick up, read on their own and want to go back for more, not because I assigned it but because the book draws them in. In these times, I believe color is crucial to drawing kids in to see and appreciate the beauty of science and God’s creation. What kid wants to read about a monarch butterfly without seeing a picture of it? Or a whale or a beautiful wildflower? I want the kids to see a picture of a human heart and realize it is not in the shape of a heart. lol. So, my search rules out CKEB simply because of the lack of a child friendly resource.


If CKEB works for you, please don't take my observation or decision as criticism in any form. It is a GREAT program - simply not what I am looking for in a science curriculum for my 1st and 3rd grader.


I would still love some feedback on Elemental Science, BJU, and or Apologia - though I don't know how we'd make Apologia Elementary classical. lol. :)

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We love Elemental Science! We did biology this year (switching from Noeo part way through the year) and we're going to do Earth Science/Astronomy starting this summer.


Basically, Paige has taken the WTM recommendations and turns them into a very easy to follow usable format. Our science narrations actually get done because the sheets are premade. There is one experiment scheduled per week which is great for us (Noeo had very few experiements). If you wanted to do more you certainly could add. All the experiment sheets are created for you as well.


The price is great... all you have to do is add the WTM recommended books, which I got most of on paperbackswap.com!


I can't speak to any of the other programs, sorry...

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