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Is there anything like Life of Fred


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I bookmarked this: http://www.livelylessons.com/Nobleknights.html from a thread a while back. It looks kind of fun - I've never actually used it though. It is story based.


ETA - I just searched and it looks like the company is not shipping this program atm. Bummer. The Sir Cumference series is a hit here, not really a program, but fun to read.

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When dd (who is normally a great memorizer) hit the wall re: the multiplication tables, I decided to give Times Tales a try. She LOVES it, and even better she is memorizing the facts amazingly well thanks to the stories and pictures. Division is clicking as well. I am so glad we decided to give it a try. She's going to be so sad when we don't need to review it anymore.


I just bought The Adventures Penrose the Mathematical Cat and More Adventures with Penrose to see if she will enjoy them.

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My oldest is going to start LOF this summer, and so I've been looking for something similiar to use with my younger ones as well. We are currently using Singapore, but I really like CM methods and wanted to incorporate more literature and living books.


Living Math has booklists that include literature and other "fun" books to teach math. They also have lesson plans you can purchase that correspond to the SOTW history cycle, and even have readings from the SOTW books built into the lessons. There are two cycles, cycle two is going to be finished this August. Cycle one has four units that correspond with the four history periods, and each unit has lessons you can purchase at the primary, intermediate, and advanced level. You can purchase units individually for $20.00 or as part of a package.


I am going to use one of the units this summer for enrichment, and then probably use unit 3 next year to along with singapore Math to go along with our history. I am really excited, and I plan on writing a review once I have used the plans for a while.


Here is a link to their booklists, which you can access for free to get ideas on some books to use for math.





Here are some samples of the lesson plans:



Their website also has a ton of ideas and math activities, as well as links to online games and websites.


Hope that helps!

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Cindy Neuschwander, the author of the Sir Cumference books, has a series on other aspects of numbers: Mummy Math, Pastry in Paris, Patterns in Peru.


Loreen Leedy has picture books on addition, subtraction, fractions, as well as the Penny series -- Measuring Penny and It's Probably Penny (basic probability).


At http://www.mathsolutions.com you can find the Marilyn Burns books of lesson plans based on picture and chapter books: Math Through Literature. The books are grouped by grade level, and there are lessons for fiction and non-fiction picture books to use.

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