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Looking for a book that give an overview of the Renaissance.

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I'm looking for a good overview of the Renaissance. Something along the lines of Daughtery's Magna Charta. So, basically a middle school level book that will put all the pieces together for me. I just can't seem to wrap my mind around it.

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Have you looked at Rats, Bulls and Flying Machines? I read it aloud to my 7 y.o., but I'm planning to give it to him again to read independently the next go-round.

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Yeah, the Foster book covers the time period, but it doesn't have the info I'm looking for. I want to know what precipitated it.


Thanks for the other suggestions.

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I really like Renaissance and Reformation by Dorothy Mills. My dd will be using this next year along with other books for 8th grade.

Here is the table of contents:

I. The Spirit of the Renaissance

II. The Renaissance in Italy

1. The Italian City State

2. Florence


Lorenzo de' Medici: Il Magnifico

Florentine Society

The Writers

The Artists and Builders

The Reformers: Savonarola

3. Venice and Her Painters

4. Renaissance Rome

The Pope

Architects and Artists in Rome


From here I'll just list the major headings:


III The Empire

IV Spain

V France of the Renaissance

VI Early Tudor England

VII The Renaissance in the North

VIII Renaissance Education

IX The Renaissance and the Discoveries of Science

X The Age of Discovery

XI Europe and the Eve of the Reformation

XII The Reformation in Germany: Martin Luther

XIII Reformers in Switzerland and France

XIV The Reformation in England

XV John Knox and the Church of Scotland

XVI The Bible in English

XVII The Wars of Religion

XVIII The Counter-Reformation

XIX Economic Change in the Sixteenth Century

XX Elizabethan England

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