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Anyone here do any Montessori or know of any good Montessori blogs?

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Ds7, 1st grade, is ready for "more" somehow, and I think doing some Montessori type activities with him would be a good fit-it does advanced topics in a fun way, and an independent learner type of way-this all would really work for his needs and learning style right now, I think.


I have one (very brief) book that has cool stuff for older kids (1-3 grade) like put a yellow moon tag over all the nouns, a purple circle over the adjectives, etc. And fun phonogram games, etc. Most of the other stuff out there that I see is Montessori for preschoolers.


Weird to ask this on a classical forum, I know, but I think Montessori can be pretty rigorous, but it presents it in a way that a younger child can grasp advanced topics. I'm surprised more of us "classical homeschoolers" don't use some of their methods! :)

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I use Montessori methods in our homeschool, but mostly sensory and math, as well as geography.


I used the following resources to figure out what to do:


Montessori Makers yahoo group


Teaching Montessori in the Home books by Elizabeth G. Hainstock


There are other resources out there, but I think these were the most helpful to a homeschool mom, as opposed to a Montessori school teacher or parent. It is also helpful to look through Montessori materials catalogs (like Michael Olaf) and even to visit a local school. That helps you to know what the materials should look like.

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This is one of my favorite Montessori blogs:




And for Charlote Mason-y blogs (because IMHO I think they are similar enough):





And I found some really great suggestions in this book at our library:


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Wow-great leads-thanks! I was up for two hours last night googling and there is not a lot about doing this at home. I have and love the Spietz book for 6-9 yr olds-it is the one I referenced in my original post-may buy the older one used. Library had the Hainstock book (yay-looks great!) and I joined the yahoo group. Will check out all the others-thank you so much-this is just exactly what I needed!

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