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Need some clarity with Singapore please!

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My ds is only 10. However, he LOVES math and science. SO I am looking ahead... :-)


This is my understanding thus far... In order of difficulty Singapore options would be listed as follows:


1. NEM (There are TM's, but not solutions for every problem)


2. DM (TM's and all solutions)


3. NSM New syllabus math: not sure of difference???


4. New Math Counts (Easiest of levels)


Can someone help me understand why go with NEM vs DM vs NSM?


After you complete one of these, obviously there needs to be something for 11th and 12th... so would the College Math be sufficient?


AND... Since Singapore Math curriculums are not broken down pre alg; alg1; geom; alg2; trig; calc... HOW on earth do you do transcripts etc?


Can someone please help me understand all of this??? :bigear:

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Singaporemath.com's website explains the differences between the series here: http://www.singaporemath.com/FAQ_Secondary_Math_s/16.htm

(Also, scroll down to see a table summary.) IIRC within the geometric content there aren't any proofs.


If you use NEM or NSM you can use "New Syllabus Additional Math," either in conjunction with, or after NEM/NSM:





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1. NEM (There are TM's, but not solutions for every problem)



I'm not familiar with all of Singapore's upper level offerings, but I do know that there are Solutions Manuals available for NEM 1 and NEM 2. Sonlight sells them; they may also be available elsewhere.


There are currently no Solutions Manuals available for NEM 3 or NEM 4. As far as I know, there are no plans currently in the works to produce those.

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I can't help you with the difference between the programs, but I can tell you that we did NEM then community college math for the older one, and the younger one will do (probably) NEM+NAM, then community college math for the end of high school. If you look for Nan in Mass and NEM, you can find the recent post I made about the advantages and disadvantages. I used the instructor's guide for 1 and 2 extensively and had serious doubts about not having it for 3 and 4, but it turned out not to be a problem.


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