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Calvert School opinions for 5th grade and up?


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Calvert science and A Child's History of Art. The history textbook is good but I prefer SOTW series. I like that they intergrate history & geography every year.


The reading and English is just OK;composition is awful. I didn't care for Calvert math - not enough continuous review for my dc.


It's just TOO much money for what you get! I suggest buying it used if you can.


I still have Calvert test series 5 (2003, alt. tests & answers) if you'd like it for the cost of postage. Then you could see what they study in grade 5.


BTW, I did not use Calvert 5 only the science. I did use parts of Calvert 4 & 6 for my older ds (purchased new).

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We used Calvert 5th grade. Not bad, I did get it used.

We LOVED the Art, A Child's History of the Art and ours came with Saxon Math which we ended up not liking anyway. The grammar part was fine but the writing we did our own thing for. The reading list was adequete and the questions to accompany the reading was okay.

We were just bored. Trying to sell it still:crying: just have not been successful yet.

The science was not bad and easy to use, the history was okay as well but we used SOTW and supplemented with that.

All in all def. not for the new purchase price and if you can get it cheap enough not a bad course if you like preplanned programs. It was nice in that facotr and easy to change the schedule if we needed to.

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