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School year's winding down for most... hits and misses for this year?

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The LATIN CENTERED CURRICULUM was my BIGGEST HIT this year right after MCT. LCC provided me with the structure and objectives to organize all three children. I am SO looking forward to the coming school year as we will have had the advantage of a partial LCC year.






Singapore 3A and B

D'Aulaire's Greek Myths

Memoria Press FM of Greece

Memoria Press Christian Studies II

Beautiful Feet Geography - Hollings

Dover Coloring Books

IEW's Phonetic Zoo (my kids LOVE this)

Literature - LCC and TONS and TONS of Read Alouds (we've given up tv and PSII)

Dr. Dave's Science from RFWP

T.A.C.K.L.E. Thursdays from RFWP

Wordly Wise



CLAA Grammar (Latin) - the progam and material is excellent -- we just don't get to it!

R&S Grammar

Harvey's Elementary Grammar


RS4K - Chemistry

Classical Writing - AESOP (I loved it - twins liked it - I, however, need an all inclusive, stand alone LA curric and MCT does that for me)

LCI (kids and I HATED having to watch the DVDs)

History Odyssey Level One Middle Ages

SOTW (no matter how hard I try, my kids do not want to sit and listen to this - this year, I finally gave up)

Trail Guide to US Geography






Saxon Math 7/6 (We went with this b/c she had done Saxon in private school)

Ecce Romani Latin

History Odyssey Middle Ages Level Two

LoF - Decimals and Fractions

LoF - Biology and Pre-Algebra

Memoria Press - FMoMA (I wove this with HO so there wasn't repetition)

LCC Literature and a ton of selections not mentioned in LCC (DD reads voraciously)

Dover Coloring Books

IEW's Phonetic Zoo Level C (Spelling)

Wordly Wise

Dr. Dave's Science from RFWP

T.A.C.K.L.E. Thursdays from RFWP

BF Holling C. Hollings Geography




CLAA Grammar (Latin - again, b/c wwe just found it difficult to get to)

R&S Grammar

Harvey's Elementary Grammar


Classical Writing Homer

IEW Medieval Theme Based Writing (Once we started using MCT, we didn't see the need for this any longer)

Vocabulary from Classical Roots

RS4K Chemistry

Trail Guide to World Geography


I'm certain that I am forgetting stuff, but it was a good year b/c I have alot of things that we will continue to use so little to search for as I plan the coming year.

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CW Aesop



HWT (although I'm just going to use copywork when they finish their current books)

MUS (Primer-Epsilon used this year)

Life of Fred (just started Fractions, but he likes it)


SOTW2 AG (I just got this and LOVE it!!!)

Elemental Science Biology

AAS Levels 1-4 used this year


Get 'er done (will still use next year):


FLL 1/2 (I like it fine, but I have to really adapt for my child who hates repetition)


Prima Latina (not the most thrilling, but gets 'er done)


Latina Christiana I (haven't used, but from the looks of it it gets the same grade as PL!)


ARTistic Pursuits (any art is difficult for me to implement well as I am not an artist)


Didn't work:


Noeo Science Biology (not enough experiments and narration never got done)


MOH2 (although we LOVE this series, level 2 was just too much for the younger two. My oldest is just reading it on his own time now and we're all doing SOTW which is what I should have done in the first place for grammar stage...)


Not sure yet:


I just purchased Math Mammoth and while it looks good, I haven't quite figured out how to work it in as a supplement. Not sure if that was a good purchase or not. I have been using the telling time book for my 6 y/o and that has been good as MUS does time in a weird way.


(sorry for all this bold... my editor is not working right tonight???):confused:





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Singapore PM 3A/B & 6A/B

Life of Fred Decimals and Pre-Algebra

Rod & Staff English 3 & 6

Writing With Ease 3

Latina Christiana 2

Latin Prep 1

Sonlight Core 3

Sonlight Science 2 & 5

MCP Maps, Charts, Graphs C & F

McCall-Crabbs (one child loves this, the other tolerates it)

Uncle Josh's maps on CD


Jury is still out:

Sonlight Core 100


Gets the job done:

Natural Speller




Wordly Wise 3000

Prentice Hall Science Explorer Earth Science

Adventures with Atoms and Molecules

SOTW activity books

Spelling workbook that I threw out after two lessons, and I can't even remember the name of it!


As I look at my lists above, I see that the "successes" and "gets the job done" curricula are mostly series we've been using for at least one year, and in some cases many years. The only new items on the "successes" list are WWE and MCP Maps.

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Here's a summarized pending verdict of what we've used thus far (which will not necessarily be swayed - possible additions only), since we still have a few weeks to go...



The Child's Story Bible / Student Bible Atlas / Big Picture Bible Timeline

A B C Memory Book

RightStart B

Singapore 1A/1B

Calculadders 1 (MasterPak 1)

Cursive First w/ReadyWriter (MasterPak 1)

Spell to Write and Read

First Language Lessons 1

Writing With Ease 1

Developing the Early Learner, books 3-4

Critical Thinking Activities for K-3

Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization

God's Creation series: Our Father's World/God's Wonderful Works (read alouds)

CLP Nature Readers 1 & 2 (read alouds)

Legends and Leagues

States and Capitals / Geography Songs

Sequence States and Capitals game

The Little Man in the Map

"...If you lived..." Scholastic series (read alouds)

Discoveries in Music


(Perhaps I should have just attached my extensive K5 Course of Study list, as I could list more. Hahaha!)



How to Teach Art to Children (only in this category cuz we haven't finished it yet - stopped approx. 1/2 way thru)



Literature Pockets (Nursery Rhymes, Folk & Fairy Tales)

BJUP Heritage Studies 2 and ABeka My America - textbooks for read aloud (What was I thinking?)


:001_smile: Melissa

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This is a great idea for a thread! Such great info here.


For us,


CLE Reading 6, CLE Learning to Read, R&S Math 1, Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, FIAR, MUS Delta & Epsilon


Got the job done: CLE's Bible 6


Misses: (We had a lot of these this year)

R&S English 6, R&S Science 6, Spelling Workout, OPGTR (I love this, but dd cried every time I got the book out), Handwriting without Tears, CLP's Exploring American History


Next year's plan:

For ds, 13 yrs: Shurley Grammar, MUS Zeta, Latin's Not So Tough, CLP's Building Spelling Skills, IEW, and Positive Action Bible or Deeper Roots Bible.


For dd, 6 yrs.: FLL, A Reason for Handwriting, Horizons Phonics & Reading, WWE, Building Spelling Skills 1, BJU Math 1


Together: Biblioplan American 1600-1850

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Hits for dd (based on what she told me):

Latin Prep--love this!

Maps, Charts, Graphs G

R&S Bible 5--DD has really enjoyed this study.

R&S English 6--I was *shocked* when my dd said this, but she recognizes that it has really helped her understand grammar and improve her writing.

Horizons & Singapore



MOH Ancients

BJU Science 6


Hits for ds:

Egermeier's Bible-DS love reading this Bible. DD did too.

Primary Language Lessons



Daily Geography Practice



Edited by Jen the RD
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Lively Latin

Singapore PM 4A/4B



Getting the Job Done:


Outlining - Remedia Press

Key to Fractions

Canada Map Book 3




SWO - finally gave up on this after Level E - DD wasn't learning anything from it. I now have Spell to Write and Read and like the look of it.


CW Aesop B - I think DD was too advanced for this. We're going to try Homer A next, once I can wrap my preggie brain around it.


History Odyssey Ancients Level II - it just isn't getting done and I think it is sucking the joy of history out of my DD.


Drawing With Children - I have tried to implement this since DD was about 6 (she's now 11). Once again, no luck. I think I need something more open and go.



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CLE Math 4th and 5th


Apples and Pears Spelling


Augustus Caesar's World

D'Aulaires Greek Myths


HO Level 2 Middle Ages (Really helping my history fanatic but reluctant writer develop his writing skills)

Outling - Remedia Publications

The Body Book (part of MFW RTR science)

Hands and Hearts Middle Ages kit

SOTW 2 and AG for 4th grader

Evening Read alouds!



CLE Reading

Kumon workbooks for review of facts (kids don't like, not sure how effective they've been)

MFW RTR (We just don't use very much of this program. Parts of it worked wonderfully, but much went undone)

God and the History of Art (I love, the kids don't)

IEW Theme based writing (like the concept, doesn't quite fit. Trying MC next year)

Workboxes. Why did I even think I would be able to maintain this system?

BJU Science 5

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Miquon math & RS Games

Apologia Zoo 1

80% of AO yr 1 (love this style for history & lit..tweaking the book list for yr2)

FLL 1/2 (yes, we know what a noun is mom:tongue_smilie:)

Happy Phonics





SWR (though I'm hanging onto it for my younger dc...and may try again when 7yo is reading chapter books fluently...or I may burn it...either way:lol:)


ETC -I had to remediate some serious penmanship issues with ds7 after 2 of these books.:glare: (He's dyslexic, I'm 99% sure of it...and just copies EXACTLY the PICTURE he sees of the letter....which was a nightmare with these books!) dd5 likes them though,and is learning fairly independently with them.




Wanted to love/love in theory/refuse to give up on yet:


Read, Write, Type (love it, just not enough time most days to get to this)


WWE (We've done some back-tracking in LA, but I want to pick this back up soon.)


Math Mammoth (I like the math, the format is a nightmare for ds7. I will try it with dd5 when she's ready..she's the independent workbook lover, so it may be perfect for her.)


MEP (same as MM...though I often put MEP problems on a white board)


I like Singapore too....Miquon is just ds7's fave. We will definitely do CWP next year, in addition to Miquon. (and THEN no more math currics for me LOL)


Peterson Directed Handwriting (I like it in theory, but should've started with it if I wanted to use it. We take a few tips from it to improve our Cursive First foundation. It has helped MY handwriting though, and that is miraculous!;))


Just starting...ask me again in 3mo...


Word Mastery - We are reading and spelling through this.

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Getting Started With Latin

SL Science 2&4


MUS Primer, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon

McRuffy LA K


AAS 3&4

Words are Wonderful (vocabulary)

Just Write

Wordsmith Apprentice


SL Readers 2 Intermediate


Just OK:

SpellWell (I like the word lists for my ds, but getting it done is a different matter)

SL P4/5

MBTP 5-7 unit 1

MOH 1 (I like it, but it bored my kids so much that they don't remember anything)

WP Chess programs (did the job, sometimes confusing/boring)

Each and every handwriting program, next year it's copywork



WP Rock Around the Earth

WP LA 4 (not enough retention/instruction)

Easy Grammar


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Vos Story Bible: Our 2nd time through and still love it.


BF Primary Amer. History

AO Year 1

CLE Math, Reading & LA For grades 1,2 &5/6


SOTW 3....even though it took us 2 years to get through it. We are having fun.


Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 w. LOF Adv. Algebra


A Beka World Literature (This one still surprises me. My kids love this one and the American Lit. I use these to teach literary analysis and terms with eccerpts from most of the books they have already read in entirety.


Apologia Chem: again. It's a keeper. Used TC dvd's and ds's college text alongside


Smarr Intro to Philosophy. Uses Sophie's World. Pretty straight forward.





Chalkdust Algebra 2...Son hated the DVD's and the text was not our style.


CLE Science: can you say BORING!


Just didn't get to:


Latin (again)

God & the History of Art.


Got the job done;


Traditional Logic 2 w/ Memoria Press Online

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The biggest hit ever in our homeschooling experience of 7 years: MCT

Foerster's Algebra II with Math Without Borders lectures

Singapore math (as usual)

Mosdos literature

Cambridge Latin

K12 Literature (Literary Analysis and Composition)

The Elements (so far)

Teaching Company Chemistry

SOTW (as usual)

K12's Human Odyssey


Gets the job done:


TT Geometry

Spelling Power


Lively Latin


K12 Science 3

Introduction to Geography (Bergman)

Conceptual Chemistry




The rest of K12 Literary Analysis and Composition

K12 Language Arts 4

K12 Science 4

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7th grade Hits:


MCT - Level 4

All American History 1

Teaching Company - Early Explorers through Forty Niners

Zaner-Blosser Handwriting

Lots of classical Literature



Gets (or got) the job done:

Chalkdust Elementary Algebra

Powerspeak Spanish

CDIS - Life Science



Misses -

Lit Analysis - Stobaugh


Good things that we haven't spent much time on:

Philosophy for Young Thinkers (RFWP)


Up in the Air:

Apologia Physical Science

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MCT all components at Voyage level (especially Caesar's English II) along with Paragraph Town

K12 Literature and Composition


Suzanne Strauss Art's history books

mcconnellboys' Ancient History list

Everything to do with mythology

Life of Fred Beginning Algebra

A Child's History of Art



Gets the job done:

Saxon 8/7

Rainbow Science

Rosetta Stone Spanish



History Odyssey Ancients Level 2

The World in Ancient Times (Oxford Press)

Noeo Chemistry III

K12 History online (too many worksheets, text is okay)


Retooling parts of for next year:

TOG (some components we really like-not sure how this will work)


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CLE Math :hurray:

CLE Language Arts

CLE Bible 3

Sequential Spelling

Sonlight History/Readers (on our own schedule)


Gets the job done:

Apologia General Science

A Beka Exploring God's World 3

CLE Bible 8

Writing Strands

A Reason for Handwriting


Misses: :thumbdown:

Explode the Code books 7-8 (We liked books 1-6)

CLE Living Together on God's Earth

CLE Reading

Truth Quest

CLE Art With A Purpose

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2 dd's ages 8 & almost 10 working on 3rd/4th grade levels.



Shurley English - by far my favorite resource this year!


BJU math

Pathway Readers

various literature books

Times Tales

Addition the Fun Way


Get's the Job Done

BJU science 3

Maps & Graphs

Lit. guides from Progeny Press and VP ... lit. units from edHelper

BJU spelling

Apologia Botany

La Classe Divertida - I like this - just have hard time fitting it in

God's Great Covenant - Classical Academic Press - I like this but am not

sure we'll continue with the series next year



CLE math

BJU English

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GWG 1/2

SWR (our last year....)



SM 2A and B

Naxos recording of Greek/ Norse Myths and The Trojan War

Mike Venezia books and videos

Sister Wendy

The Complete Book of Our Solar System

Usborne Time Travelers series







Drawing with Children

Childsized Masterpeices




ETC 3+

Plaid Phonics B+

(I liked the first book of all three of these)

Artistic Pursuits (lost steam this year)

SOTW 2 Activity book

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Singapore Math

Hands On Equations


Editor in Chief


Plato Science

Lively Latin 1

Beethoven's Wig

Classical Kids



Zaner Bloser Handwriting

Understanding Geography

Writer's Express




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This is the first year (sadly) that I've felt like we've gotten into the groove curriculum-wise.



SOTW 2 (especially the book lists)

Teaching Textbooks (this program has saved my sanity!)

Handwriting without Tears (love all levels of this program...we tried the Pre-k book this year and my youngest loves it. Also the cursive book has done wonders for my 10 yr old's handwriting)

The Elements

Growing with Grammar (okay, the kids don't like it, but they don't like any grammar, and this really gets the job done. I like the format, and the fact that there is constant review)

Super-Speed Math (a fast, painless, and FREE way to do math drills?? I can't remember the WTM member that posted this originally, but thank you!!)

Lively Latin (I love this program, but as a few others have mentioned, I feel like there might be too much history)

Mr Q Science



Writing Strands (kids liked the first couple of lessons, but soon lost interest...and the whole program was confusing to me)

Kumon workbooks (we tried several Pre-k books. My main problem with these, is that the books don't lie flat, so they are difficult for my 4 yr old to write in. And, the pages aren't perforated, so you can't tear them out without ripping the page. Poorly designed)

Prentice Hall Science Explorers

Edited by funschooler5
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For pre-K & K



R&S Math

Counting With Numbers

HWT, though I'm finally confident enough to teach it on my own.

OPGTR, Bob books, McGuffey readers

Drawing With Children



Cursive First

Essential Math


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HOD Bigger

HOD Beyond

R&S Grammar




Gets it Done

HOD CTC (I love the program, and my daughter did well with it in the beginning, but now she is just trudging through. I think it is more her than the program and will work great with my next daughter)






Can't think of any real misses this year.

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Hits for K:



RightStart Math Level A

Lots of read-alouds--FIAR Vol. 1 and incidentals


Let's Play and Find Out About the Human Body by Janice Van Cleave




Me, when I lose my patience or try to rush through things :tongue_smilie:


We've had a great year, and here I stand at the brink of a new one, clueless as to which direction to take. . . :confused::D

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Mega hits:

-Truthqest American History for Young Children

-Christian Light (CLE) Math, LA and reading


-Christian Liberty Press (CLP) Spelling

-Veritas Lit guides - we use these the second semester after CLE reading. I love how they require my children to write their comp answers in complete sentences. They develop their writing skills effortlessly while stretching their reading with challenging literature.



-Dandy Lion Logic series

-Christian Liberty Press Bible (CLP) - not consistent

-Worldly Wise - do it consistently, but not sure of the benefit



-Complete Book of Maps and Geography - half of the assignments expect the student to answer questions or fill in maps about things they were never taught

-Apologia Science - we were consistent and it's thorough, but I'm a quiz and test kind of teacher. The notebooks are killing me slowly. I have no idea what to do with half of the pages in them.

-Artistic Pursuits - never did the k-3 series. Hoping a schedule for the middle school books will help me implement these. They look great!

Edited by LNC
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living math for youngest

Bartons--ds is reading chapter books now.

Mother Tongue--grammar

making my own units for history and science

Classical Writing Homer






Latina Christiana--I have tried this curriculum for two years and just can't get it to work for us, so we will move on to LFC for next year.

Doing Bible study for our Bible time in the mornings. Now we just read the Bible and that is working out much better.

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MUS for 4th grader and K'er

Poetry memorization (mostly from Harp & Laurel Wreath)

George Washington's World

Grammar Land

King of the Golden City (read aloud)




Great Science Adventures

CHC's Lang. of God grammar series

CHC's Spellers

MUS for 2nd grader

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Our hits:

TT Algebra I and II (for my DD)

Integrated Physics and Chemistry

Notgrass Exploring World History

Key to Algebra books and Key to online


Liberty Mathematics

Greenleaf Guide to OT

Elementary Greek 1

Henle Latin 1

The Purpose Driven Life



Get the job done:





PH Science

TT Algebra I (for DS)

Jensen's grammar (glad it was a gift and thinking of moving to Easy Grammar)

WWE (this was my fault, moving in another direction)


Jury still out on:

FLL 1/2 (just started today)

TT Geometry (she's loving it so far)

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I enjoy reading the hits and misses. I'll share mine,



First Language Lessons

Story of the World (always)

Building Thinking Skills


Life of Fred

Singapore Math and CWP

Latina Christiana 1

Trial and Triumph

Our Island Story

Plutarch (older son)




Classical Writing Homer: I threw in the towel on this one:thumbdown:

I wrote in my blog what was my struggle.


Henle 1 because my older son got caught up in the Spanish program that we got. We will try this again next year because he did not hate it just never got to it.


I realized that last year when we did a practically all Ambleside Online last year we hardly had any misses. My children loved everything last year. I took this Classical Writing and :svengo: It was not the same.


Blessings to all!





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CLE Math (So much so that dd begged for CLE Math 5)

Singapore Math (For ds, though we need to add more review)

LfC A- Both LOVED this, especially the cartoon

LOF- Dd actually wants to do more math

MC- Finally a writing program that worked! Can't wait until the younger grades come out.


Git 'er Done:

PLL and ILL- Neither one complains about the short lessons. We will be trending toward a more LCC approach next school year, so these will fit in nicely.



MFW ECC- Great program, but we just lost steam. The CM approach of many short lessons just adds fuel to our ADD fire here. We need to dwell on a subject. MFW ECC just moved around too much for us.

AAS level 1&2- Overkill for my naturally good spellers.

Writing Strands- Umm??? I was confused. I knew dd would be confused.


(BTW, if anyone wants anything in my "Misses" list, send me a PM.)

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:hurray: No Misses this year. Loved everything, if it wasn't loved, we made it work ;)



Same here! Strangely, I would never have used any of it years ago, but it seems to be a perfect fit for us now.



Singapore Math

R&S English

HOD w/extensions (Bigger)

Developmental Math (*we made this one "work")

The Reading Lesson

HOD (Beyond)


No misses, can you believe that? Never before in history...



Edited by Geo
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CLE Math (So much so that dd begged for CLE Math 5)

Singapore Math (For ds, though we need to add more review)

LfC A- Both LOVED this, especially the cartoon

LOF- Dd actually wants to do more math

MC- Finally a writing program that worked! Can't wait until the younger grades come out.



What's "MC"?




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CLE Math (So much so that dd begged for CLE Math 5)

Singapore Math (For ds, though we need to add more review)

LfC A- Both LOVED this, especially the cartoon

LOF- Dd actually wants to do more math

MC- Finally a writing program that worked! Can't wait until the younger grades come out.



What's "MC"?





MC= Meaningful Composition, the writing portion of CQLA (Character Quality Language Arts).

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It's different for us, as we work Jan to Dec, but I'm really happy this year - we are slowly getting things right.




Mosdos Literature

IEW Theme-based writing

Singapore Classroom Maths workbooks

Lively Latin supplemented with Lingua Latina for fun reading

R.E.A.L Science Odyssey



History - SOTW is just not working


Working with adjustments

SWR - we alternate the word lists and words spelled wrong in use. I test off the word list first, and we only analyse words that she gets incorrect. Working for us!



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Life of Fred Fractions, Decimals and Percents

Bob Jones Heritage Studies--always a hit

Vocabulary Cartoons

Putting together our own Science



Fallacy Detective-started out great but we got really bogged down with it.

RS4K-ugggg total waste of $$


Got the Job Done

Bob Jones English--we're switching to GWG next year

Hey Andrew Teach Me Some Greek--we'll stick with it next year

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Growing with Grammar

All About Spelling

Mark Kistler's online drawing program


ETC- hit for older daughter who learned to write letters before she learned to read, miss for younger daughter who still struggles with writing though she reads quite well.


On the fence:

WriteShop Primary A- DD loved it, but the format was bad for us. I ended up doing a lot of reworking, dropping the "fluff" and concentrating on the actual writing assignment more. I was very happy with the end result of each assignment, but won't be buying the next level.

Winterpromise Animal's and Their Worlds- way too much tweaking needed, though the children loved the end result. Still considering going back to WP for American History in a few years though.

RightStart- great program, A was perfect for my daughter last year, but B hasn't been as great. Seems to take big leaps from concept to concept quite often. Some of the work with larger numbers seems quite tedious and sometimes confuses even me. Will be switching math programs next year, but plan on using Rightstart A alongside with my rising Ker.



Explorer's Bible Study (Beginnings I: Precious In His Sight) - This was very scripted. I disliked reading aloud the simplified Bible stories- would rather read a picture story Bible OR open a real Bible and read directly from it.

Concept sounded good for our family, but it just didn't work.


Trying to peice together my own spanish

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Saxon Math!!! Both dc loved it (believe it or not!) we did about 1/2 of 54 to catch up after BJU 4 last year (huge miss last year) and 65 with 5th grader. 8th grader switched from MUS Algebra 1 to Sax 1/2 (TT Pre-Algebra huge miss last year).


BF US Intermediate and Westward Expansion

Flying Creatures of the 5th Day

Land Animals of the 6th Day

Apologia Physical

Editor in Chief (for my 5th grader)

Word Roots (8th grader)

Around the World in 180 Days (huge hit here!!)




MUS Algebra 1

BF US and World Jr. High

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WWE 1&3


Word mastery from OFE


Amanda Bennett Baseball Unit study :)

Horizon math

Khan academy vids on youtube (math)

La Clase Divertida

Booklist compiled from AO&SL

anything mythology

first few chapters of Drawing with Children

Get fit kids videos


Homemade preK book

Living Memory



SOTW3 (ds canNOT get into this)

MCP plaid phonics


FLL 1/2



Bombed out:

-Living Learning Book science curriculum for first and third grades (I did not purchase all of the resource books. Most not avail at my library. IMO the purchase curric + books = curric not worth the cost)

-anything after the first few chapters of Drawing with Children

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