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Our DC won a film contest (brag alert!)

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Our 2 oldest have a passion for film. They started making little "stop-motion" movies with Playmobil when they were 7 and 5. They've become much more sophisticated since then!


Here's a link to their website.


They won first place at the Reel Spirit Young Film Maker's Showcase this past weekend with The Puppy Spy and

Gingers' Encounter. DD 11 did The Puppy Spy by herself, and she used a different editing program than my DS, so he hasn't yet figured out how to get that one onto the website. They did Ginger's Encounter together.


DS has moderate-to-severe dyslexia, and although he can read anything now, especially complicated video-editing manuals:), film-making has given him an outlet for expression that is perfectly suited to his individual talents and strengths. It's exciting for us to see where he'll take it!

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Congrats!!! My kids are just getting into this and having a blast.


That is amazing!!


Congratulations, that is awesome!




Thank you!


I forgot to mention that my DD did NOT actually eat a taco after the dog,:D and I was very thankful that they cleaned off the school room table before filming the "FBI, What do ya want?" scene.;)

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