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Wow, I just found sand from FL from at least 7 years ago!

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When we lived in FL, we went to Sanibel Island to collect sea shells. I personally favor the miniture ones so I collected about 2 cups of shells, one shell at a time chosing each one individually. My kids collected some slightly larger ones for me. I bought three crystal vases to keep them in. There is one larger vase that holds the larger shells and then two smaller vases which each hold about one cup of the tiny shells.


I decided to wash the vases this week because they were getting kind of dusty so I pored the shells into some cups and then washed the vases. When I was poring the shells back into their vases I noticed that there was some sand in the bottoms of the cups. I pored it back into the vases as well. I figured if I have been carrying it around for that long now, I might as well keep it. I also have a very small keychain Tupperware bowl that I filled with microscopic shells and it also has some sand in it as well.


I am not a nautical sea shore decor kind of person but I really like these because I picked them myself so I keep them in my master bath where they look really nice with the brown and gold tones. My mother also collected some (actually a lot; about 25 lbs worth) when she came to visit. She had to pay extra to take them back home on the flight with her. She kept hers in vases as well. After, she passed away we packed them up so my brother could sort through them and keep a few. He recently bought some glass lamps and filled them with the shells and even though he doesn't much care for the sea shore decor either he has two lamps filled with shells in his living room. My guess is he probably has some sand as well.


Here is a picture of one of the finished lamps.


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Our zoo has a nature center where kids can earn points for bringing in shells etc. They esp. like sand. They put it under the microscope and you can see how complex and pretty sand is. When we went to the Phillipines they asked ds to bring them some sand. He got some sand from a coral beach. I had it in baggies in our luggage. That bag got tagged by customs for an extra special search. I don't doubt that they tested that white stuff to find out what it really was! The nature center still got their Filipino sand.

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