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EPGY Online High School success story

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Nice story, good luck to her and her brothers.



Ready for the Ivy League

Friday, March 19, 2010

By Katie Moeller


Mackenzie Donovan, a Hollister [CA] resident, exceeded the average expectations of excellence even as a child. Adopted at birth into the home of Ron and Tammi Donovan, Donovan has always been considered "very special," the mother said. At an early age Donovan learned how to read by herself, excelling in home school and constantly striving to do her best.



In fifth grade, Donovan and her mom heard about Johns Hopkins EPGY (Education Program for Gifted Youth), for which she applied and into which she was accepted. The program enabled her to take advanced classes in English and math. At the age of 12, Donovan received an award through the program for being a seventh-grader and scoring higher than the average college-bound senior on the high school SATs.



After debating whether Donovan should continue with a home schooling program or try regular high school classes, the family's questions were answered when Tammi heard about the Stanford University EPGY Online High School program through the local news. The program works as an international independent school for gifted youth students from grades 7-12. The teachers are professors from Stanford, and "are incredible," according to Donovan.



"They push you to your next level," said Donovan, who described her classes as relatively small, some with 15 to 20 students. The classroom setting is a webcam and microphone set up in Donavan's house, which gives the students the ability to instant message each other and have "lively conversation," just like a regular class.


<rest of story at link>

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