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National latin exam

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I am just learning about this. My son is only in 5th grade right now, but it appears this is taken in the high school years, right?


Also, are there any "practice" tests, such as the SAT's have, that he can look at and try before the "real" test?



Hot Lava Mama


took the Intro exam in grade 5 (scored a perfect paper!) and the Latin I exam in grade 6 (scored 38/40 for a gold medal). We skipped it this year as he was doing the ACT through Duke TIP.


As PP said, it's really more a function of where you are in your studies. They have syllabi that give you a general idea of what is covered as well as the released exams.

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took the Intro exam in grade 5 (scored a perfect paper!)


How much Latin had he had at that point, and what curriculum were you using?


When they say "Latin I" I'm not sure if they mean Latin I for high school or what? Seems like that's what it would be, right?

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