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Logic Textbooks? (secular)

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I am looking for a Logic program. I initially thought I would use the Logic textbook that the local university uses, but I can't find a teacher's guide to go with it.


I really feel like I need a teacher's manual.


Does anyone know of any Logic textbooks that have teacher's manuals that aren't religious?

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No teacher manual, but DH successfully did his secular, old college logic textbook with DSs last year: Practical Logic by Vincent Barry (c. 1976). There are answers to selected exercises in the back.


I see there are more recent editions available at Amazon; don't know if they have answers, study guides, or more teaching info in them. BEST of luck in finding what works for your family! Warmly, Lori D.

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After I posted this, I went and started looking closer at the book. It does give examples relating to religion and God though it doesn't specifically state anywhere that I can find that it is taught from a Christian perspective. The author teaches at John Carroll University which is a Catholic university. I guess I posted too soon.:001_huh:


My original info before editing:

We are going to use Introduction to Logic by Harry Gensler. It is a college level book. The author has a TM pdf on his website and a computer program to go with it. Both are free. His TM explains which chapters are best to use for a beginning class.




Author's website:Computer program and other materials (TM is on this page)



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Cyndi, I just found this thread (yes, I know it was way back when ;)), but maybe it will help you or others.

Lori's suggestions (post #5) in this thread are really helpful.

We're particularly loving the Logic Liftoff, Countdown, etc. series. Amazon has them.

Ooops ... just realized that you posted this on High School section. Well, maybe the last book in the above series ...

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