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Botany suggestions

Melissa B

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I'm looking for some books on botany to flesh out our science studies. I do not need curriculum, lab activities or picture books. I'm looking for suggestions on good readers (fiction or non-fiction) from about 3rd grade-adult to add to our study.


I have Keepers of Life and Fabre's Storybook of the Fields.



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Both girls read a book on George W. Carver


Luther Burbank, Nature's Helper by Lillian J. Bragdon (roughly 3rd grade)


We have another one on trees...North American Trees which I really like but I can't find it right now (we just moved :001_smile:).


Hope that helps a little


Yesterday's Classics has a couple too but it has been hard to find ones interesting and appropriate for older students.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I can't believe I never thought to check my biographies. :tongue_smilie:


I found biographies on G.W. Carver, G. Mendel, C. Linnaeus and a book on Johnny Appleseed.


I'm going to look into the Arabella Buckley books from Yesterday's Classics as well.


ETA: I found a couple more on my bookshelves:


The complete Book of Flower Fairies


The Man Who Planted Trees

(I love this book - not a biography of J. Appleseed)



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