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Favorite 5th/6th grade books from wtm..HELP!


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My son is not a book worm. Together, we'll have read them all by the end of the year.


Beowulf was fine. He read the Nye Book


Sir Gawain was rough. We each had a copy, by different authors. He'd read a bit, then I'd go over it with him and read parts out loud and talk about what had happened. He didn't really get what happened just reading it. He liked it when I read to him, hated reading it. It took a long time, and I could tell we needed to change things up for the poetry.


We had a different kids version of Canterbury tales. He liked some, disliked others. I have the original, so I butchered my way through the prologue with discussion, then I downloaded it from librivox and we listened to someone competent ;)


I read him the first five cantos of Inferno and he liked them a lot. He asked for the whole thing, but I wasn't willing, and I think it gets pretty wild for a sixth grader. I have the Ciardi version, which has an excellent introduction, and the Pinsky version, which was more fun to read out loud.


I'd read McCaughrean Fairie Queen to him before, and he didn't really warm up to it. So I just had him read the Hodges version. And I read bits of the original to him. It's also fun to read out loud, and it gets gory sometimes.


He read The Sword and the Stone. This is a favorite for both of us. I'd read it to him in the past, and he happily re-read it.


He tried reading the Garfield Shakespeare plays, and complained bitterly. So I handed him a book on British Rulers as a trade, and I'm reading the re-tellings out loud to him. He loves having them read to him.

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