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Anyone Use Prepare and Pray curriculum?

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We own it and my dh is planning on using it in a co-op but we haven't started it as yet so I probably shouldn't even be commenting :tongue_smilie: However, my initial concern was about the cost. It seemed very expensive. Looking through it though, there is quite a bit included and the tie-in with Swiss Family Robinson is helpful/fun.


My dh has it right now and is reviewing it so I will give you a more thorough report after he has looked over it.


Sorry I can't be more helpful at this point:001_huh:

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We bought it when it was first released...right before the Y2K (non-event). ;) We used a good portion of it, really enjoyed the reading aloud. There are ideas for all ages, and the projects are fairly interesting. It reminded me of a boy scout course, with lessons like building a family first aid kit, building and cooking on camp fires, constructing temporary emergency shelters, tracking animals, etc. I would say that it is a skeleton format, that you need to add additional books for reference and teaching. They have quite a list of recommended resources for your family library. The copy quality (at least at that time) was not great, but it was readable. I think it was a cool idea to learn these things as a family, for camp outs and out-of-doors type experiences.

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