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Could you please pray for a friend of mine and her one year old daughter. The little one has probably swalloed a cherry stone which has gone down the wrong way and is lodged in her bronchi now. So far they haven't been able to do a test that confirmed this, but the daughter has a fever and isn't doing too well. By now they are in the capital, waiting to fly out to Dubai, but the issue is, that there isn't a reliable source of oxygen here. If the daughter deteriorates before they reach Dubai then they really need prayer.

Added to this tense situation is the fact that 2 year ago they had a similar situation with their son (they are not careless parents!) and he did need oxygen, but it was very hard to find,....so I think the mother could do with lots of prayers, too.


Thanks a lot,


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I will certainly pray for her, but I am a little confused. Why is swallowing a cherry stone dangerous, and how does it cause a fever? I hope they are able to find out what is wrong with her and treat her appropriately and in time. :grouphug:

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Sorry I didn't make that clearer. It's likely that the cherry stone is stuck in her right bronchi and causing an infection. The worse this infection will get the more likely her need for oxygen will be. Once she gets to a hospital in Dubai she'll get the treatment she'll need.


Even without infection, cutting off air to part of the lung can cause local collapse which can cause fever. The lung is full of fever-causing compounds.




Is the child flying? Is there not O2 on the plane?

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