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My ds16 has very much enjoyed Dr. Shormann's teaching using Dive Chemistry this year. Next year he would like to stick with Dive for Physics and Dr. Shormann syllabus only includes Saxon Physics. I am going to email him, but I thought I would ask here - if you have used Saxon Physics what is your opinion of it.


As far as other physics texts go what else is out there? What text do you like for a bright, likes science, but not really into science kind of guy. *I think* Dr. Shormann is willing to make a syllabus for me if I give him a copy of the TOC from another text. I think.




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I have really researched and LOVE Paul Hewitt's Conceptual Physics: The High School Program. I toyed with the idea of asking Dr. Shormann to do a syllabus for this, but also wanted a syllabus for the Physical Science to go with Hewitt/Suchocki/Hewitt's Coneptual Physical Science Explorations, too, and just lost the nerve to request so much.



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What do you like about Hewitt? I haven't looked into it yet but I keep seeing positive reviews here. Do you know the math required for this? I'd prefer something rigorous enough that it requires trig rather than something just using Algebra. In our area Physics is a jr. or sr. level class and the expectation is trig level or beyond.



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